Obehotel Online Booking Engine

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There is a very strong and at the same time very special link between the Tourist Establishments and the booking engine Obehotel, and it is that the Users examine us daily, at any time, every hour, every minute, both you and us must always be in perfect condition.
Obehotel is a guarantee of professionalism and success on the Internet.

Guaranteed results by reducing intermediation

Increase direct sales with a streamlined and efficient booking engine on your existing website, converting user visits into bookings.

Booking Engine and Extranet: Simple and Intuitive

Maximum ease in the booking process, 3 steps, maximum speed and automatic confirmation. Boost your online marketing.

Compatible with any website and no installation costs.

The booking engine integrates into any website and adapts to your corporate design. It has no installation costs or minimum permanence.
Motor de Reservas Responsive

Responsive Booking Engine

Responsive or adaptive web design is a web design technique that seeks the correct visualisation of the same page on all types of devices, from desktop computers to tablets and mobiles.

It consists of resizing and positioning the elements of the website so that they adapt to the width of each device, allowing a correct visualisation and a better user experience.

It is characterised by the fact that the contents and images are fluid, through the use of CSS3 media-queries code.

Responsive design reduces development time, avoids duplicate content, and increases the virality of the content as it allows it to be shared much more quickly and naturally.

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Functionalities & Features

Obehotel Online Booking Engine

Configuration and Management

  • Multi Tariff
  • Non-refundable rate
  • Multi Language
  • Room type customisation
  • Automatic System Notifications

Revenue Management

  • AAVV online Xml integrations
  • Channel Manager
  • Hotel Pms Integrations
  • Promocods or Discount Codes
  • Offers and Packages Manager

Information Analysis

  • Real-time statistics
  • Business Intelligence Reports
  • Information virtuous circle
  • Improved competitiveness
  • Google Analytics configuration